Life Journey Mentoring for Women

If you could do exactly what you were meant to be doing right now, what would that be? Imagine:

. .. along your journey you come upon a little red building under the trees. A woman there greets you and offers you some tea. You sit together and a harmony builds. You begin to speak of what matters most in your life. As you converse, the woman asks questions that seem to draw you further along in your thinking. You begin to speak of dreams and aspirations long held and some newly realized. You begin to wonder about what is possible in this life. You realize that taking time out to focus on The Journey will help you to create the life you most want to live; the life you were meant to live. You ask the woman if she will sit with you from time to time and offer help and activities to enrich your learning and self discovery. The woman offers that the process of self discovery is Sacred and that each woman holds the answers to her own most deeply held questions. She agrees to the partnership and invites you to come sit again. You leave her with plans and questions for the week ahead. And the journey continues . . .

Within you are gifts and strengths, some yet undiscovered. Using wisdom, creativity, humor, and planning, we will set out together to help you manifest the life you want to live.

Life journey mentoring celebrates with the sacredness of each woman’s life path by focussing on what is most important to you. The sessions help when you are not sure about your next steps or future goals. What change is your current situation inviting you to make? What steps and support do you need to meet the goals that you already have? Our work supports your making positive changes in your life. We set goals, work towards them, modify and change the path as we learn what serves you best.

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