Woman's Well Workshops

How might your life be different if there were a place for you to get away to relax and reflect... a time in the week set aside to connect with your own inner wisdom and strength with a person who would listen to you with compassion and wisdom, and offer guidance and support as you sorted through life’s tough stuff and began to heal what hurts... a place of women where you were free to become yourself more fully?

How would your life be different if there was more of YOU in it?

Some of the most popular workshop offerings have been:

Finding Your Inner Voice
The Artist's Way: Creating the Life You Really Want
Cycles and Seasons: Finding Natural Balance with the Wisdom of the Seasons
Nurturing by Type: Myers-Briggs and Mothering
Knowing Me Knowing You: Using Myers Briggs Type to Live, Work & Play More Effectively
16 Ways to Love: Myers-Briggs and Relationships


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