Life Journey Tools to Try for Yourself

Life Journey mentoring is about finding what brings you home to the most important parts of yourself. My work with women includes activities and practices that help you make that connection to the deeper knowing within -- the wisdom about who you really are and what you are meant to be doing. I have included below some of the simple practices my clients love to return to again and again. I hope you enjoy them.

Connecting With What Matters: Emotional hurts and betrayals can sting like a burn. This activity is a balm for the Spirit.

The Gratitude Journal : It really works!

Practicing Happiness: Our children know how to be happy. How quickly we forget!

Improving Your Mood with Random Acts of Kindness : A tried and true remedy when you feel sad and hopeless. Try it for yourself.

Square Breathing: Tune in and calm down. I love this one.

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