Mary is an enthusiastic, confident presenter. Her classes are casual but informative. She meets participants where they are in their life’s journey – she is always empathetic and respectful. Mary seamlessly blends her text book knowledge with real life examples and steps for application. I was a very uptight, closed person when I met Mary. She has worked her magic and I know am open to new ideas and methods of healing. I never saw it coming. - Nancy P.

Mary has a special way of listening that enabled her to reflect back to you your words and experiences so that you can see what is essential for your growth and what can be left behind because it is no longer necessary or helpful. - Beth P.

One of the things that healers talk about is the importance of "holding the space" for someone when they share things that can bring vulnerability to the surface. "Holding the space" indicates the ability to be very present with someone in such a way that they know they are safe, and that what they are sharing is happening in a sacred space. More importantly, it means that there is deep respect for the process of the person being served. It takes a lot of integrity to create a space where healing can happen. I trust Mary to create a space that is forwarding, that is filled with the love of service. - Mary Bradtke, Intuitive Consultant & Artist

I have worked with Mary in various circles and workshops over the years I've known her and there is no one I would rather have mother a group in which I am sitting. Mary has a profound quiet about her as a leader and facilitator. She knows exactly how to support a woman on her journey and provides excellent guidance throughout your time with her, yet she never directs that journey for someone; she never tells a participant what they should be thinking or feeling or how they should be reacting to the emotions or changes or insights that manifest. Rather, Mary offers beautiful and clear suggestions to help the participant bring meaning and understanding to what she experiences. I would, without hesitation, take more workshops with Mary and participate in whatever circles Mary offers. – Danielle C.

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